the radius of the innermost circle is One

by justin scott gray



Written/Performed/Produced by Justin Scott Gray

Recorded at Amok Studio: Toronto (throughout Winter 2013/2014)


released June 13, 2014

save the planet: kill your self.

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Amok Recordings Toronto, Ontario


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Track Name: reprise (until end)
just when you think you’ve got a plan
the world hands you something you can’t understand
and you try and you try, but you’re not wired that way
if you laugh or you cry, if you love or you hate: it’s all the same
‘cause you live, then you die, and you may find out why
or maybe you won’t but it’s all in your roots
and like all of the trees, we stem from our seeds
maybe it hurts but the pain is what the soil needs
and i don’t want to do this safely
i don’t want to hold out before i begin
i’m not looking for any shelter
and i won’t whisper anything that i could yell
when your moment is calling you need to let them in
yeah, you’re waiting for something to happen...
just fail and then make amends
just try and then try, until your wired your own way
Track Name: something that i don't see
lately i find it hard to pretend
that i haven't been thinking of ways it will end
there's something that i don't see
i might be someone that i can't be
over and over i play the part
and over and over i go back to start
there's something that i don't see and all of this time
i thought i believed i would heed this "something"
that i'd never seek (before it grazed my eyes)
and this life, it has a way, of sending you astray
but i played the part and been back to start again
then i reached ahead to pull out my eyes...
and then the sky became a scene,
and i felt as if time no longer moved ahead, in spite of me
and my wait for "something" would never be over...
now my role is that much smaller
and i can't give my hands to another
fucked and broken righteous ideal
(a heavier load for someone else to bear),
now i see that this world may never change
but my heart beats on just the same
Track Name: when ambitions start to fade
you never get what you need
but what you need is what you have
outside of what is meant, you say what's all been said
we never get what we need
but what we need is what we have
reaction is how to lead but non-action is how to act
i can't pave a way
i can't speak a fact
this mind must be tamed and these words i should retract
but i sing and i smile
and in your light i see my own, it was hardly ever apart
now picture all the other people
we always considered too far...or gone
i won't say the way
this mute tounge is intact
when ambitions start to fade, there's no more to ask
'cause you never get what you need
but what you need is what you have.

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