No Good Times

by Jay Morritt



"2003. This was my first E.P., and it's comprised of the first songs I ever wrote. I still like them as well as anything I've done. 'Dobrowska Morska' was recorded in heavy wind, on the shores of Lake Huron, with an RCA tape-recorder. So it's lo-fi, bitches. The other two tracks were recorded in my father's living room, on a Fostex 4-track. Still lo-fi, but a bit less so. As the title suggests, these were not triumphant days. I had just quit a shit job slugging mush in a corporate cafeteria, and I decided that I would leave London, Ontario, and go 'back home' to Sarnia for a week to make an album. For like the good of my soul.I 'released' a very limited amount of these, on cassette, with handmade sleeves; I would guess there might be 10 of them, kicking around out there in the Big Bad World." - Jay Morritt


released March 16, 2012




Amok Recordings Toronto, Ontario


Amok Recordings is a Canadian independent label which showcases a wide range of alternative, underground and non-mainstream music.

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